RAMBO NATURA ECO SHEET - Hemp-Cotton blend

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RAMBO NATURA ECO SHEET - Hemp-Cotton blend

RAMBO NATURA ECO SHEET A Hemp-Cotton blend, great for horses with sensitive skin or coat issues. A first of it's kind!

An ideal spring/summer sheet offering maximum breathability and UV protection in a lightweight design to horses susceptible to UV sensitivity or coat bleaching. 

Hemp is one of the oldest plants in the world and is a highly sustainable crop that leaves no ecological footprint and can be harvested several times a year. This organic plant is grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals therefore not polluting the soil it is grow in.

Organic cotton sourced has OSC and GOTS certification to reinforce its organic heritage. Organic cotton is naturally soft, highly breathable and light weight.

The combination of these two fabrics makes the Rambo Natura Summer Sheet a highly sustainable solution providing ultimate comfort for the horse.  


· Breathable light weight organic fabric

· Disc front closure

· 95% UV protection

· Silky shoulder, mane and tail flap lining

· Extra large tail flap

· Detachable neck rug

· Three cross over surcingle's


A natural Hemp - Organic Cotton blend body fabric offering thermodynamic properties, breathability and moisture regulation

 95% UV protection as the closely woven fabric in its light colourway protects the horse from harmful UV rays.

The silky shoulder, mane and tailflap lining is shine enhancing to prevent rubbing.

Patented Disc front closure including Surefit Neck Design for more comfort and to avoid rubbing. 

The new shape of the close contact detachable hood offers ear to wither and front chest coverage. Velcro tab closures sit on the outer of the rug for attachment in order to help prevent irritations and for ease of use. 

Dual Leg Arches provide freedom of movement and maximum belly coverage. 

The three cross surcingles ensure a secure fit.

An extended tail flap offers maximum coverage and protection.

The elasticated tail cord keeps the rug in place and avoids slippage.


The Rambo Natura Sheet is composed of a natural body fabric consisting of a hemp cotton blend which is both biodegradable and compostable. 

Hemp is a highly sustainable crop and boasts a range of benefits suitable for use in horse blankets as it is naturally UV protective, bio-degradable, breathable, thermodynamic, fast-drying, moisture regulating, antibacterial, odour resistant and durable. 

The other part of the fabric composition is organic cotton, which is naturally soft, highly breathable, lightweight and very comfortable against the horse’s skin. The combination of these fabric components makes the Rambo Natura Sheet a highly sustainable horse rug providing ultimate comfort. Being a natural fabric blanket the Rambo Natura is the ideal choice for horses with sensitive skin or coat health issues. This rug can be used on the horse when turned out in the field, in the stable, or whilst travelling making it very versatile for different uses.