Wireless - Horse Float Camera -

Wireless  - Horse Float Camera -

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For Peace of mind while transporting Horses.
This Equine Travel Cam is the the number one Value wireless float camera with the strongest signal on the market!
These tough little round units do not require installation as they have a strong magnetic base and can be easily moved around, taken away for charging, used in the stable or as a reversing camera.
The Unit will ship to you from Brisbane.
This Camera will work in standard floats, Goosenecks and Trucks. 
Most other cameras will only work in standard floats. Goosenecks and trucks usually need expensive hard wired cameras to achive a good result. Not with this little gem, we have tested it in Trucks with extensive living and the picture is super clear.
The unit is waterproof, features night vision, 120 Degree View, 30-100m range.
This unit does not require data or a signal.
All you need to do is:
Charge the Camera
Download the viewing app to your phone
Turn on the camera which will sync to your Android or Apple Phone
and you are ready to go.
Easy as...
Battery life is between 5-6 hours and is rechargeable via USB.
Also handy as a reversing camera or in the stable within range
Float/Truck/Gooseneck Suitable
- LCD Screen
- Strong Magnetic Base
- Infrared Night Vision
- Simply plug and Play